At Immanuel, it is our desire to see the next generation of Immanuel to set their hope in God, which is why we have started Aspire. Aspire will be a monthly meeting for the men and women of the church to invest in the young boys and girls of our church. While we believe the primary people who should disciple children are their own parents, we also believe Aspire will be a helpful means to equip and stir up our church to come alongside parents as they invest in their children and to invest in any children coming to Aspire from unchurched homes.
With Aspire, we hope to accomplish the following:
• Memorize God's Word.
• Teach and learn from God's Word.
• Encourage parents to read and memorize God's word with their children.
• Stir up others in the church to invest more in the children and youth of our church.
• Provide a context for children to witness godly examples from other men and women in the church.
• Help children acquire skills to build confidence as they grow up to steward God's creation.
• Have fun with one another through various activities and games.