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Participation Manual

Immanuel Community Church is a church plant that was sent out by Immanuel Baptist Church in Louisville, KY. As a church, we partner with the North American Mission Board and are supported by other partnering churches.
What follows is a helpful explanation about how Immanuel relates to incoming groups wanting to do mission projects.

Immanuel Community Church believes the role of mission trips done in participation with our church are done for the benefit of Immanuel’s ministry to the city of New Orleans and its already-existing members. We do not believe it is a good stewardship of time or resources to create busy “mission” work or allow outside groups to dictate the nature of the work to be done in the city.

We gladly welcome groups that want to come alongside us and help us with the ministry that we are already doing in the city. It is important to note that we give priority to full-partnering churches, which are churches that are not only ministering through mission trips, but are regularly praying and financially contributing to the work of Immanuel Community Church.

We give priority to partnering churches over other mission groups who come to the city because any group that works with us will work under the name of Immanuel, and we believe that partnering churches will have our best interests in mind since they are personally and regularly investing in us.

This does not mean that we will not work with non-partnering groups, but we will only work once with a group if they have no intentions to moving to full partnership. We take this position because we believe this best serves the mission groups and us. If groups simply want to do multiple mission trips, then they will probably be best served by going through another avenue.