Worship and Mission of the Church

Why is it important for Christians to gather with a local church for corporate worship? What elements of worship do we see prescribed in Scripture? What is the mission of the church? To hear the answers to these… Read More

Office and Government of the Church

What are different ways the church has governed itself over history? How is the church one if there are different denominations? What are the offices of the church? Matthew Delaughter, Cody Cunningham, and Charlie Ray take the time… Read More

Nature of the Church

What is a church? What are common misconceptions about what a church is? What marks were emphasized in the Protestant Reformation? Join us for today’s episode with Matthew Delaughter, Cody Cunningham, and Charlie Ray to hear the answer… Read More

Order of Salvation

Join Matthew Delaughter, Conner Hinton, and Charlie Ray as they walk explain and answer questions relating to election, regeneration, justification, sanctification, and glorification.

Spiritual Gifts

What are spiritual gifts and what are common misconceptions about them? What about the gift of tongues or prophecy? Can Christians have different beliefs about the gifts and worship in the same church? Join our hosts, Matthew Delaughter,… Read More

The Holy Spirit

Is the Holy Spirit a person? Why is the Holy Spirit sometimes referred to as the forgotten person in the Trinity? In today’s episode of the Immanuel Basics, Matthew Delaughter, Charlie Ray, and Cody Cunningham answer these questions… Read More

Son of God – Work

Did Jesus create the world? What did Jesus achieve through dying on the cross, his resurrection, and his ascension? What is his work right now? Join Matthew, Jordan, and Cody as they discuss these questions and more relating… Read More

Son of God – Person

Is Jesus God or man? What is the incarnation? What are false teachings related to the person of Christ? Matthew Delaughter, Jordan Curtis, and Cody Cunningham spend today’s episode talking about the son of God, specifically his person.


What is sin and why do we all sin? Matthew Delaughter, Jordan Curtis, and Cody Cunningham explore these questions and more relating to creation and sin in today’s episode.

Image of God

What does it mean to be made in the image of God and why is this an important truth for us? Join us in today’s episode where Matthew Delaughter, Jordan Curtis, and Cody Cunningham discuss these questions and… Read More