#48 – The Messianic Secret

Join our hosts in today’s episode where they look at Mark 1:21-45.

#47 – My God, My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me? (Psalm 22)

Welcome to today’s episode of the Faith Comes by Hearing podcast where Matthew Delaughter, Jordan Curtis, and Andrew Hanna look at Psalm 22 (one of today’s readings for the Every Day with Jesus Bible Reading Plan (CSB). Season… Read More

#46 – The Ten Commandments (Exodus 19:1-20:26)

We are back with our newest season of the Faith Comes by Hearing podcast. For this latest season, our hosts Matthew Delaughter, Andrew Hanna, and Jordan Curtis will be exploring various passages that are being read by the… Read More

#45 – BONUS: The Book of Revelation

BONUS EPISODE: Join Jordan Curtis as she does a Q&A with Pastor Matthew Delaughter who has been preaching through the book of Revelation for the past year.

#44 – Interview with Ramny Perez

Join us for the last interview of the season where our hosts talk with Ramny Perez, pastor of Fordham Community Church in the Bronx, NY. Listen and you will hear how Ramny came to faith, what Bible reading… Read More

#43 – The Persistent Widow

In our last parable of this season of the Faith Come by Hearing podcast, our hosts spend time studying Luke 18:1-8. We hope you have enjoyed listening to the parables and that you will join us next week… Read More

#42 – The Parables of the Lost Things

In today’s episode of the Faith Come by Hearing podcast, our hosts spend time studying Luke 15:1-32.

#41 – The Good Samaritan

In today’s episode our hosts spend time study one of the well known parables, the Parable of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10:29-37.

#40 – Discerning Truth in a Clickbait Culture: An Interview with Seth Brown

SPECIAL GUEST: Seth Brown Executive Editor for the Biblical Recorder. In today’s episode, our hosts interview Seth to learn more about how he came to faith in Christ, what Bible reading looks like for him, conspiracy theories, clickbait… Read More

#39 – 10 Virgins and 10 Talents

Why do we see the parable of the 10 Virgins and the 10 Talents in scripture? Join us for today’s episode where our hosts take the time to study Matthew 25:1-30.