#58 – Book Synopsis (Mark)

In the last episode of the season, Matthew Delaughter and Andrew Hanna give us a synopsis of the book of Mark.

#57 – Interview of Brandon Langley

In our last interview of the season, our hosts, Matthew Delaughter and Andrew Hanna, had the opportunity to interview Brandon Langley, Pastor of St. Rose Community Church. Join us today as we learn more about how Brandon came… Read More

#56 – Zion, the City of God

Matthew Delaughter and Andrew Hanna close out our last Bible passage of the season with Psalm 48.

#55 – The Transfiguration

In today’s episode our hosts, Matthew Delaughter and Andrew Hanna, and special guest, Brandon Langley, discuss the transfiguration in Luke 9:23-45.

#54 – Hear O Israel

Our hosts Andrew Hanna, Jordan Curtis, and Conner Hinton are back again in the Old Testament, specifically Deuteronomy 5:1-6:25. Join us as we dig deeper into the Word of the Lord.

#53 – Immanuel Network Interview of Andy Morris and Jonny Atkinson

Join us for today’s special episode where our hosts interview Andy Morris, Director of the Immanuel Network, and Jonny Atkinson, Communications Director for the Immanuel Network. The Immanuel Network is a partnership of churches and individuals who partner… Read More

#52 – Moses Strikes the Rock + the Bronze Serpent

Join this weeks hosts, Jordan Curtis, Andrew Hanna, and Conner Hinton as the head back to the Old Testament to study Numbers 19:9-21:9.

#51 – Jesus in the Temple

In today’s episode we have a guest host, Conner Hinton, who joins Jordan Curtis and Andrew Hanna in discussing Mark 12:28-44.

#50 – The Adulterous Woman and Lady Folly

Today, we look at the adulterous woman seen in Proverbs 7.

#49 – Interview of Matthew Delaughter

In today’s episode we learn more about one of the hosts of the Faith Comes by Hearing Podcast, Matthew Delaughter. How did Matthew come to faith, what has Bible reading looked like for him, and what does Bible… Read More