Partner With Us

Backyard Bible Stories

We do Backyard Bible Stories because we believe that many of the sins of the urban context are generational, and we want to sever that by intentionally investing the gospel into young children in the urban context. During our Backyard Bible Stories, we often use the Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones because we want to shape their minds according to the whole story of the Bible, and not give them mere moral lessons.

We are open to considering methods and gifts that other groups would like to bring in, but we also want partnering groups to be considerate that many things that may be appealing to children in one context may not be as appealing in our context. We gladly welcome people with musical talents or face painting, as all children seem to love those things. We desire for groups to come in and work alongside us to gather children, have fun, and invest the gospel in them. We only have Backyard Bible Stories during the Fall and Spring months.

Community Events

Immanuel usually hosts two block parties in the summer and an Easter festival in the Spring. We also bless local schools and community centers with appreciation meals and host numerous sports camps throughout the year. If you would like dates for these events, please contact us.

Whether helping with Backyard Bible Stories, block parties, or movie nights, we think it’s important for groups to remember that they are serving us as we serve the city. When groups come to serve, we are most helped when they take care of all the logistical matters the day of an event so that we can be freed up to engage and build relationships with the people who come.

Ekklesia Mentorship

Followers of Jesus should value the local church because the Scriptures tell us that the church is actually the body of Christ, and they also give us a lot of instruction about what life in the church should look like. We have created the Ekklesia Mentorship as an avenue for people to study and discuss the nature and work of Christ’s church. If you’re interested in participating in the Ekklesia Mentorship, check out the details here.