Ekklesia Mentorship


A mentorship cultivating love for Christ’s church through reading and discussing the nature and work of Christ’s church.

1. Monthly Reading Assignment
2. Monthly Roundtable Discussion (3rd Saturday morning of the month)
3. Annual Exposure Trip (One of the following:)
– Capitol Hill Weekender
– Immanuel Network Conference
– 9 Marks Workshop

Discussion Topics
1. What is the church?
2. Ecclesiological Perspectives (Congregational/Presbyterian/Episcopal)
3. Church Membership
4. Church Discipline
5. Offices of the Church
6. Gathered Practices
7. Intentional Fellowship
8. Evangelism & Missions

*This mentorship is open to anyone who wants to attend.

**First four discussion topics will take place August-November, while the last discussion topics will be covered February-May.


If you have additional questions about the Ekklesia Mentorship, feel free to contact us.